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Linda (#81758), did Thumbelina’s hair ever grow back? LOL (#81829) The shadow would be linked to the text, but if you use the Pick tool, it ignores the links. That can be good or bad, depending on what you want to do but if you use the Move tool, the shadow will follow (unless you changed the link set).

Ann (#81774), I guess your cousin attended a radio show! It might have been as scary with the sounds too. (#81778) You remember that song after all those years???

Rene (#81793), yeah, those monkeys are definitely made to look scary. I guess they succeeded!

Corrie (#81794), as long as you can walk on your own, you are good to go. No need to climb mountains to have fun. Have you tried geocaching? It is a way to “walk with a purpose” and discover new places too. (#81819) Interesting how something simple can be so elevated (especially when we don’t have to do the dishes afterward).

Lynda (#81804), that is an interesting fact about Japanese. I didn’t know about that.

Marie-Claire (#81806), yes, it makes more sense when seeing those lines and the text aligned. Or maybe it is just me being picky? (#81813) That is definitely a strange punishment! But what an ending!

Bonnie (#81815), why am I not surprised reading that you were always into sports?

Gerry (#81817), you never took on canning yourself? I guess back in the days, boys were not necessarily taught much about kitchen stuff.

Susan (#81825), those memories of smell and taste are so vivid for so long! Isn’t that fun to read all those stories?