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Susan Ewart
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Day 5 Food!  Who doesn’t love food, as I type this I’m looking at Corrie’s Creme Brulee.  Yum.  Good luck Corrie on your upcoming surgery.  Bonnie, I was a tom boy too.  I played with the boys when the girls wanted to do girly stuff.  I still don’t do girly stuff (what was considered girly stuff in 60’s – 70’s).  I am inspired by all of your stories and layouts. I never realized when I signed up for this that I would love reading the stories as much as I do.

Here is my foodie layout…I am not a foodie, or cook.  I am good at forgetting I’m cooking and burn a lot of food.  Papers and elements from Digital Scrapbook.  Arial for the font.  Alpha letters from Cassel’s giveaway (thank you!).  the ampersand (&) is from Gina Jones at Digital Scrapbook and I used hue/saturation/lightness to get it as close to the Cassel’s alpha color as possible.