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Jannette Nieuwboer-Dons
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Carole, I usually work in the ’21 or ’20. they both have the same problem.  The difficulty is difficult to explain even in my language.  I will give it a try. Placing text in a shape is in the three possibilities of the lining, left, middle, or right.  The roll-out screen doesn’t come by using the left or right to paste. I tried more ways for example making the selection smaller. But still, it was not possible. I only can grab the outline with the midst, wherever I place the cursor. Then the right roll-out screen pops up immediately.  There is something wrong with the kerning I’m sure. When I want to write verticle the letters are very far apart from each other. Then I start kerning it’s alright but when I want write back horizontally the letters are on top of each other. it’s not normal. I didn’t have that in former PSP numbers. This problem stops me from writing vertically. In using day 5, I had placed all the letters in the black circle but the letters were selected as well as the circle. I’m writing in an outside source, a text processor. But when I write in PSP the same problem pops up.