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Strangely, my long post from last night DID show up after I posted it, but now, it is gone 🙁 Gremlins again? Did anyone get a notification of that post?

Jannette (#81621), some stories, although sad, still need to be told. (#81642) Don’t hesitate to make another page to tell that story to go with the photo. (#81686) You are surely allowed to give tips,  however, this one might get lost in this thread. Why not post it in the Let’s Talk section? (#81739) What version of PSP are you using? Are you unable to use the Text Wrapping to say it is difficult? Or is it something else?

Petra (#81624), honestly, who has NEVER cheated in school? Maybe I should reply to you in French?

Corrie (#81626), how long did the other hamster live? (#81666) That is something I have never done: skipping class. I guess I liked school too much!

Ann (#81644), you might need another page to say how you will use this story to embarrass her next! (#81693) That sounds like a lot of calories to start your day! (#81735) I hope you didn’t automatically associate venison to fire!

Rene (#81647), bowling is certainly a sport! That definitely counts! (#81709) This story makes me smile because my husband also likes pickled beets and in the last couple of weeks, has done jars and jars of them, hoping to make money selling them. He just broke even!

Susan (#81656), many kids will have done something like that, once in their life. I did twice: once for an ice cream cup, and once with a Joe Louis. I got caught both times! That was it! (#81711) In 1976, I was living in Montreal and I had tickets to watch gymnastics at the Olympics. Unfortunately, it was for the men’s qualifiers. I would have loved to have had tickets for the women’s.

Gerry (#81662), I guess you were mischievous in your mind! That counts! (#81749) I can only assume YOU won?

Julie (#81670), what was that font issue and how did you solve it? Maybe it could help others? (#81680) I am sure if it had happened more recently, someone would have taken a picture. Aren’t we lucky that all those things we did happen before those portable cameras on smartphones?

Harmony (#81672), isn’t it nice to have fans? I am sure it also helps high-performance athletes in their competition.

Diane (#81678), I guess we can’t all be gymnasts! (#81752) Don’t worry about the photos; they are not essential to tell the stories!

Bonnie (#81684), you started young to play with balls! I guess the scare was just as effective as a punishment would have been!

Pirkko (#81697), the only thing I can think of is… OUCH!

Cindy (#81722), looking forward to seeing your projects.

Linda (#81755), just continue as you can. There is no deadline. I think the only time I had pizzelles was when I was a judge at a national competition and those were provided to us at lunch, for dessert.