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Harmony Birch
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I think of all he promects I have done so far this has to be my favourite, papers and elements coming from tons of different places in my stash, more than a few, the alpha included coming from Marisa Lerin over My main problem with all these projects is choosing which elements and papers to put together to complement the story I am telling. I think the waterdrop tube just finished this one off nicely.

Because I think the story may be too small to read on the reduced file it says :

When it came to sports day your house got a point if there was someone in a race no matter where they came, and obviously more points for those who came 1st, 2nd or 3rd. When sports day came there was no one for the Breast stroke 100 metres so I volunteered. On the day I prepared as usual and didn’t expect anyone to cheer me on due to my lack of popularity. The whistle went and in I dived, concentrating on nothing but my swim and making good turns at each pool end.

On my final length I could hear people shouting, “Margaret, Margaret” (my birth name) and I remember thinking oh there must be someone else called Margaret in this race. The shouts got more excited and as I touched out at the end of the final race a cheer went up. It seems the combination of racing dive and good corner turns had made up for my slower swimming and somehow I had won. I don’t think I have ever been more surprised.