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Susan Ewart
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Day 3 Story Time.  My dirty little secret and my life (short life) of crime.  I was never incarcerated  (grounded) though.  Whew!

I see some new layouts and cant wait to come back and read them.

Fonts used are Arial Rounded (journaling) and Arissa Typeface, that I scuffed up more with the eraser.  Cogwheels are mine for Lab 5-12 (I believe).  Background papers from Digital Scrapbook, except the red which is a flood filled layer.  the red-yellow circle is a flood filled gradient representing my journey back to being a good girl. 🤣

oops, I see all kinds of grammar errors and wrong works used.  Funny how you can read something over and over and still not see it until you post it.  Now, “that’s” a crime!