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Jannette (#81534), you can make the story as long as you want, and yes, you can do that in two or three pages if you want. (#81551) Yes, we can guess the rest! 🙂

Petra (#81540), who is Maaike? Is she your daughter?

René (#81541), that is a clever way to add the accent when you don’t have it! (#81549) Great family tradition story. (#81557) That is certainly a fun story to tell even if it is not really mischief!

Ann (#81544), it is fun to read the whole story. We all know now!

Anne (#81547), reading the story, I thought they would put the child in the middle to pretend it was baby Jesus. At least, that is what I picture in my head reading that! (do you have any of those pictures?)

Harmony (#81555), it is true that funerals are often the rare opportunities to see relatives living far away. It is great to take that event and make it a happy one. It is usually sad that the person has left, but yes, so many stories are then retold. (#81594) Cute story. If that tree could talk, right?

Corrie (#81560), that explains the nice photos you are sharing!

Susan (#81576), those amusement parks can leave an impression! I remember Expo 67, La Ronde, and some of its rides. I was 6. Maybe I should write that story too!

Gerry (#81581), did your place sustain much damage during the hurricane?

Bonnie (#81582), you should add the year to your story. Playing pickleball is not very specific in that regard! 😉

Marie-Claire (#81589), one little trick: when using lined paper, adjust the Leading value and tweak it so the line spacing will match the lined paper.

Raquel (#81596), that is quite an interesting reason for an unusual spelling (for the time), but I am sure nobody has a hard time pronouncing it now!

Diane (#81598), oh my! I can just imagine your face when you came back to your room!

Pirkko (#81600), there was a Vic-10? I still have a Vic-20 downstairs. My husband is trying to make it work but it does not display well on the old (very old) TV he got for it!

I LOVE reading all those stories. Did anyone think they had no interesting stories to tell? I hope you changed your mind because everything is worth reading. Keep them up. We still have four more days!