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Rene Marker
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Carole, yes I always use the accent when I’m handwriting my name. There is another story about my name that I should do as a companion page to this one now that I think about it!  But when things started being computerized, the accent couldn’t be used since in those days there weren’t all the fancy fonts. And, even using a typewriter, it couldn’t be used. So I transitioned to Rene’. Used the apostrophe behind the e. Even now with some fonts, I cannot use the accent since it isn’t in the font character map. So I mainly use the apostrophe even now… and I had forgotten the code to type the é (had to figure it out).

As for Dad liking the name, he did probably meet someone with the name when he was in the Navy and really liked it. His ship was in the Mediterranean for a few months before it transitioned to the south Pacific. Oddly enough there were 2 people in my small town with the name in the 50’s. A father and son.