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Susan (#81468), it might be wordy, but it is a great story to share.

Harmony (#81473), that is a very interesting story about your name. I hope Harmony never experienced depression!

Julie (#81481), you are definitely allowed to be honorary Irish!

Anne (#81488), do you prefer us to call you Anna-Marie from now on?

Diane (#81491), I hope you document all those other stories you share with your sister. If nothing else, record your conversations!

Cindy (#81494), that is a sad story, but it is still a story to be told.

Pirkko (#81504), too bad you were too young to enjoy the Olympics!!! 🙂

René (#81509), do you often use that accent on your name? If that story your dad told is not accurate, I wonder why he was so insistent on that name?

Lynda (#81511), I assume those photos are yours? It is amazing when we still have such old photos on hand!

Gerry (#81514), I thought you would add a note as to why your name is pronounced the way it is (with a hard G). I am curious.

Bonnie (#81518), that is hilarious!!!! Maybe we can call you Pickleball too, although you are older!

It is so much fun to read all your stories (and yes, I read them all, as long as they are in English or French). Keep it up. If you haven’t posted yet, don’t be shy!