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cindy harris
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Hi  my daughters coming to fix my laptop but got this done having bad exceptions messing Up d/l a windows

upgrade and its all a mess now 🙁      But got this done 🙂  yay…  Heres mine going to read you all   Hugs


I loved Everyones Story,
I loved Diane’s Sister thing! how lucky you all are to get to do that.
Love Anne’s and Everyones!

Ann I got the free mini kit its so cute.

Harmony, thats cool I would go do a name change if I could loose my depression and all 🙂 thats Great. I am happy for what God has gave me.

Susan Sounded like you have had a good Childhood and glad you have Siblings, I have a older sister that was sold on the black market, I never met her only talked on the phone.

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