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Petra (#81434), welcome to the Campus. You get a gold star for being the first one to post your project 🙂 That information about your time of birth and your daughter’s is such a fun factoid. How many people share such a bond!? Glad you shared it.

Linda (#81438), if you want to use a word processor to start the process, you can certainly do it. And also, if you think of another story, you can keep it in your word processor until you have time to make another page! You might also end up with a totally separate scrapbook page!

Ann (#81442), it is a good thing that your name spells without an E: it makes you unique since you are the only ANN in the Campus!

Lynda (#81449) that is interesting that the name was popular at that time for you. When I was born, in the early 60’s, must have been popular in our area because I remember having several friends named Linda.

Marie-Claire (#81451), that is a fun fact about your time of birth! Too bad it was not on January 1st and be the first baby of the year!

Jannette (#81453), that is a nice kit you used. Interesting information about the weather. You know, if you want to do these pages in your language, to share with your family and friends, you can do that too (although we surely like to be able to read your story)!

Diane (#81455), that is certainly a story to remember!!! It reminds me of my second child: the labor progressed too fast and the doctor didn’t make it on time!

If you have not posted your first page, don’t worry. We’ll wait. As you can see, everyone has some stories to tell, and it is always fun to read everyone else’s.