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Pirkko (#81339), those are such cute images. Good choices. (#81369) Are those photos of your garden or neighbourhood?

Ann (#81342), I did wonder if I had given a template or a quick-page as I didn’t recognize yours. Great way to reuse and customize that quick-page. (#81354) That is definitely one way to make a page quickly when you use only one photo instead of multiple!

Kasany (#81345), that is quite an interesting font you used. Thanks for sharing the name. Cute photos too.

Gerry (#81352), I thought I was the only one with gremlins! (#81407) Are those her actual preserves?

Cindy (#81402), you can certainly add that story to your page. If you resize the title a little bit, you would have enough room to share that story. That is what I mean when I encourage people to tell a story: the image is not saying everything!

If you have participated and NOT posted, this thread will stay open. Don’t hesitate to post, even if it is after everyone else. We want to see your projects.