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Kasany (#81193) great page, and fun use of the clouds. (#81213) Those really look like creatures! What program do you use for your fractals? (#81217) Just a warning that any png image is converted to a jpg automatically, in the forum, in order to reduce the file size. (#81280) What is that font you used for HAWAII? It is pretty cool.

Pirkko (#81196), I am glad you were able to use that tool to match the QP to the photo. (#81219) Using one photo instead of 3 is definitely a creative way to use a quick-page. (#81239) You really have beautiful photos to showcase!!

Ann (#81199) that monochrome page really makes the photos stand out. (#81223) Looking forward to more photos from your girls’ visit! (#81246) Fifty photos? You will have to hurry and find more quick-pages! (#81284) Awe, I have a soft spot for kittens.

Gerry (#81228), beautiful layouts! (#81304) The animal world at its finest. (#81314) Good alternative solution. What version of PSP are you using? I had someone else experience a similar issue being unable to save in pspimage format. Do you know that if you need to, you can save in .psd format and it will also keep layers?

Cindy (#81253) great way to solve your problem. I would not have guessed if I had not seen the original page! (#81307) Great page! If you are posting a page and it does not appear, send me a message; in your case, the initial post was caught in the spam folder in the backend. In that case, I can just pull it out. It is random and can happen to anyone.

Harmony (#81290) no problem in “starting late”. You are catching up nicely! And with quick-pages, it is supposed to be quick!