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Marvin Fojtasek
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Carole, you might remember that we had conversation this past month about my mother going to the hospital because of traumatic brain hemorrhage following a fall (she was 91 years old). Unfortunately, she didn’t survive the episode, and we buried her 5 days ago. Before her passing, my son and his wife from Florida came to see her (my mother lived in Texas). Their 2 children, who are 9 years old and 6 years old, didn’t come with them. However, Lila, the 9-year-old, made a sympathy card for my mother, and my son read it to her even though she was unconscious. The words were very touching. I would like to include the page with writing and picture in the memorial slideshow that I made and possibly in a scrapbook page. I am uploading an image of the page for you to look at. Unfortunately, my granddaughter used a pencil for writing, so the words are light and faint. Do you think that you would be able to instruct me about how to make the writing darker and the characters thicker so that the writing is more easily seen? I think that this kind of photo editing would be a nice topic for a Q&A session or for a master class if you think that the instruction would be too long for a Q&A session. I don’t mind sharing this photo with other people.