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Susan Ewart
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Thank you Ann for adding the focus stacking for everyone to see.  I’ve known about it for sometime as photographers use it because Tilt/Shift (aka Perspective Control) lenses are ridiculously priced ($2500 CAD the cheapest for my camera).  I’ve even done it, but had no skills to process it.  Corel’s video sums it up well.  I would say a tripod and stationary subject is a must.

Here is my layout for module 7 Basic Scrap course.  I loved learning about the textures and used it on the title and the leaves as they looked like they were paper so I used an inner bevel and texture to make them seem like wood leaves.  I didnt use the warp brush because they look solid and wouldnt have the same kind of lift a real leaf would have.  I’m not great at adding clusters.  I can add a flower or button with a leaf for ribbon okay, but when it comes to clusters I think I make a “rat’s nest” of it.  hahaha.  This was a really enjoyable module, I learned some new techniques I know I will continue to use.  All the papers and elements are Digital Scrapbook, the font for both the title and tags is Hoguin from Creative Fabrica.  The photo is mine from my flat-lay photo project.  The flowers came from the City of St. Albert, which I “borrow” when out for a walk with the hubby…shhh, don’t tell; they looked like weeds I was only doing them a favor by helping with the weeding. The beautiful Cyan colored dish my husband remembers from his youth and came with his parents from Denmark.