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Mary Solaas
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Lab 9 Mod 10 – Games, Games: Quatrefoil paper (made several – 2 are shown as background papers for Board Games and Video Games); staple back (I overlayed them with Filter Forge Brushed Metal – ’cause they’re steel staples) – frankley, I would have preferred front of staples, but I followed directions!; Bingo card – winner in this game.  Overlay of the background paper is from Corel Video Studeo; Marios, minecraft figures are from Nice Png; the little boy playing video games and the scrabble board are from a png site, but I’m not sure which one; the board game “Game of Love”, spinner, and tokens are my creation and from a previous Lab Module; the title “Board Games” is from PS – Elif Sahin; and the other titles are created from it; the stitching on the cream paper is from brushes from Carole; the Title are scrabble tiles I made in aprevious Lab module.  Background frame I created.  The card game is Bridge – my brother, my dad, and my husband – 1983.  They have all since passed away as has my mom; I’m lucky to have most of my children near  by.