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Susan Ewart
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Thank you Sue, that’s just the advice I needed.  It will give me questions I can ask myself when viewing my layouts.  I love robins, and never knew they were speckled like that.

Lynda and Corrie, beautiful layouts.  You both do justice to flowers.

Corrie, that is a really cool technique with the borders on your photo’s and how they intertwine with the photo.

Lynda, we are lucky to have a “summer” crow family, now 3 yrs in a row.  I think they are used to us being outside and they don’t even fly off the bird bath as I pass by to head to the garage to go to work.  the magpies toe the line when the crows are in the yard, but they are cheeky and push the limits.  I looked out the window Sunday morning and there was 10 magpies in the yard.  A record!  The magpies come for “spa” day as we have an ant hill in the yard this year, they sit on the ground and spread their wings so the ants can crawl on them.  the ants secrete formic acid that kills parasites an fungus (according my June Hunter City Crow calendar).  I know, ewwww.  I told my hubby he has to leave the ant nest there.  It’s in an awkward spot so I cant get a good photo of it.

Pirkko, I agree, soul sisters we are.  I miss the country.  thank goodness for city birds, they keep me happy.  The suburban city I live in is small but I find it noisy, always sounds of traffic.  I miss the frogs I’d hear on the farm at night.

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