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Mariana Trapnell
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Well, I haven’t managed to finish four projects, but I’ve still learned a number of useful tricks in this bootcamp, so will sign up for the next one…hopefully I’m less busy then!  Thanks for running these, Cassel. I’m going to check out your tips and tricks book, too – I think that could be really useful for my on-going scrapbooking efforts.

These are pics that I have taken of some of my childhood memories – in this case, a few of my favourite t-shirts.  The idea is that if I store the memories digitally, I can actually let go of the physical items, instead of storing them in my ‘office’ (aka storage area!).

I do have a couple of questions that came up for me while I was doing these projects.  If someone has answers, that would be greatly appreciated, please and thanks!  (I originally had 3, but you answered one of them re how to create individual picture borders, Cassel – thanks!)

a) When using the Pick tool to resize, is there a way to have it default to Scale?  Mine always defaults to Perspective.
b) What print size does 3600*3600 equate to?