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Mariana (#79908), yes, that tip for text will save a lot of users’ sanity because it is so frustrating when you find a typo, days or months later and everything is rasterized without any way to edit. Keep it up.

Susan E. (#79909), glad you figured it out.

Kasany (#79920), here are a few pointers for your page: look at the elements, and imagine they are made of paper. Can they be layered the way they show? I see, for example, on the Concentration page, the little squares on top and they should be flat on the paper and have a frame on top of them, not the other way around. You can easily adjust those in the layers palette, just like when you were playing with the sandwich.

Harmony (#79924), that is one trick. Another one I tend to use is to simply activate a raster layer; then it will automatically create its own Vector.

Joyce (#79950), I am glad this bootcamp proved helpful to you, whether it is from the feedback I share with everyone, or from others’ questions and submissions.

Lisa (#79951), that is such a cool page. You might have to work a little harder to catch up, but I think it is worth that trip you took (and you will let us visit with you?). (#79954) Using the guides can be a great time saver and it can give a “neat” look when you can align elements and photos. (#79959) Yes, I love it when users discover little tips that are just simple yet super creative like the pinking edges. (#79962) This is one of the particularities of the wrapped text when you resize. The text does not actually disappear, but is just outside of the canvas and not resized. There is an article that explains that HERE.

Nancy (#79964), good start. Will you be able to submit four projects by tomorrow night? 🙂  (#79968) Sorry for your loss, and if working through the Bootcamp gives you some relief, that is an added bonus for me.

Karen (#79971), that is a great way to use those glitters. I am sure you can find many other opportunities to use them so keep them on hand! (#79972) It does happen that designers will create elements that have some shadows in some places and not in others. Once you notice those details and see that you won’t be able to add a proper shadow, you might either need to work around it and create something manually or choose not to use the element, if the work is too hard to make sense.

If you already have submitted four projects, you are already entered in the random draw, even if the fifth project comes in later. The random draw will take place tomorrow night, and the winners will be contacted afterward. Keep an eye on your inbox.