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Sue Thomas
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Susan and Ann, I’m going to step into this conversation and give my 2 penneth worth of using the selection tool  to add text, whether it is to type your own text, or to copy and paste.  You can only copy and paste text  from an outside source  into a selection.  Which will allow you to edit it, (with limitations)  Even if you type your own text in a selection it has MANY limitations.  Using the selection tool for text has been  available for several year. Certainly  6yrs. I will say that on the odd occasion I have used the selection tool, I haven’t encountered any issue

Personally I don’t  use the selection tool with text.   For a shape I will use the vector shape tool,  or create my own, and convert to a raster, otherwise having 2 vectors in play  can be awkward, when using the text tool.   I use all the tools available in the text tool bar. Align, justify, sometimes.   What I use the most are the  offset, leading and kerning etc.  Guides too. It may take a little longer, but the end result is better than using the selection tool.