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Susan Ewart
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That’s cool Ann, I had originally started out with the red one, then abandoned it and went with the green one. I still had the three papers in my layers palette, with two hidden.  What a surprise when I tried them out.  I’m leaning to the blue first, then the red and lastly the green one.  It’s also the first time I did an adjustment layer ever.  I’m going to watch the master class on Adjustment layers and learn more.

I’m not sure what a “bounding box” is.  I’ll add that to the list for the next Q&A.  Or is it just what the selection box is called.  I’ve had weird messages pop about about a bounding box and I have no clue what it meant.  So much more to learn.  Keep speculating please, I don’t want to have to abandon PSP 2022 and go back to 2021.  I am presuming it’s operator error, but I don’t know enough to know what the error is that I’m making.  😔 I am going to try doing some tests, I haven’t tried adding text without using the selection box (I just love doing it that way).