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Susan Ewart
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Day 11 Project 5.  I have three different backgrounds.  I had worked through the layout with the green background and when I was adding shadows I turned on the blue one and thought hey, I like this one better.  Same with the red one.  then I just couldn’t decide.  I don’t normally choose papers from the same kit and this time I did, even the flower and frame.  although the flower looks like a blue cabbage.  They are from Digital Scrapbook (Gina Jones “my everyday” July 2021).  The title font is Gills Sans Ultra Bold and I think the journaling is Gloucester, both windows fonts.  Photo is mine from my Gazing Bowl series that I extracted and put on a gradient background.  You can see I have journaling text this time.  And yes, I had the same error where it wont save.  always right after I’ve used the selection tool and put text inside the box.  So I hit undo, made the selection and put my text inside and then converted it to a raster  and it would save.  I must’ve gotten the only PSP 2022 lemon.  I think I’ll  go back to 2021 and see how it performs.  Thankfully I have never had the saving error message on the title vectors.

Carole you have eagle eyes.  Yes, I see I did something wrong on the shadows of that big picture.  I’ll fix that up tomorrow.