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Harmony (#79792), that is a very dramatic black and white photo and well showcased.

Sharla (#79806), it is totally fine to rotate the page idea when it fits the photo better. Good work. (#79821), That is a great background. Was it a ready-made paper or did you do it yourself?

Donna (#79808), I am glad you enjoy the bootcamp. And yes, even though the projects are “scrapbook-based”, the same tools and techniques can be used in so many other types of projects! I look forward to seeing some of your cards, in the What are you working on? thread!

Hank (#79810), did you merge the photo and the frame before adding the shadow? That is what it looks like and that makes the shadow look odd as it shows on the bottom right of the frame, but not on the top right. Do you see that?

Gerry (#79813), interesting twist when using the overlapping/interlacing frame/photo! Great effect. (#79824) I think the one with the shadow is just right. You SEE the shadow when you really look for it, but it is not “in your face” to make you wonder why there is thickness. That is when the experience with shadows are becoming very useful.

Jannette (#79818), this seems quite frustrating. If more than one version of PSP is giving you issues, maybe it is not a PSP issue. Are you having problems with other programs or ONLY PSP? beautiful page!

Andrew (#79828), may I suggest that you have some sharp (not blurred) edges for your papers? It will just make things easier to shadow. Did you add that blurred edge on purpose?

Joyce (#79831), beautiful page. Your shadows are right on point!

Pirkko (#79834), great work. I see you used the interlacing/overlapping technique with the rope. Good place to use it!

Keep them coming. If you started late, you still have time to catch up to be entered in the draw on Monday night.