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Apologies for my delay in giving you feedback. Playing grandma, and having family from out of province proved very time-consuming.

Susan (#79679), those are fun photos. Did you make the scallops on top yourself or were they already made? (#79706) Isn’t that addictive???

Donna (#79686), perfect topic!!! May I suggest that you don’t cover that element, on the bottom, with the photo? Instead, maybe the element could slightly cover the edge of the photo and with an appropriate shadow, it would look like an added sticker. (#79777), great page. I would suggest you reduce the shadow offset for the main paper in the center, since the small pieces of papers, that are supposed to be on top, ended up with a thinner shadow, which would suggest they are closer to the background than that center paper. Inconsistent, right?

Ann (#79698), adding the bubbles slightly overlapping the photos give a great effect. (#79766), great page. I think you might have forgotten the shadow on the photo (unless it is a hidden layer).

Kasany (#79708), great to see you create the pinking edges. Is it possible that the opacity of the Eraser brush was not at 100%? it looks like it is not completely deleted. Also, if you add some shadows, it will give even more 3D effect. Give it a try.

Gerry (#79713), those planters are lovely. I like that rainbow title/text. Out of curiosity, have you considered adding a shadow to them? They might not need any if they are inked, but I wonder how it would look with a shadow.

Susan E. (#79717), glad to see that you didn’t have issues with this one. I think the large image shadow is different than the small ones. Do you see?

Mariana (#79737), welcome to the bootcamp. It is ok to start late. You might have more time available during the weekend. And yes, working in one program only will save you time, and you will see how powerful PSP can be!

Jannette (#79739) that “double-frame” can definitely be usable in other projects! Now that you know how to do it!

Pirkko (#79752), it is interesting to see that you put your shadows on the left side instead of the right, but they are consistent so it still looks good!

Linda (#79761), welcome to the bootcamp! For your project 1, that is a great start. I might consider adding a shadow to the vertical strip of paper to add some thickness. For the second one, I think the shadows are inconsistent: I see one on the photo but not on the papers. Also, the shadow on the tag, on top, seems to be on the left side, while the shadow for the photo is on the right side. You need consistency, either way.

Hank (#79763), nice colors. I would suggest you beware of colored shadows. Although they can be used artistically, if they are “meant” to be real shadows, the effect will be “confusing” for the viewer. If they are meant to be artistic, they should be very different than expected with a black shadow.

Sharla (#79768), excellent page. I see you used a different size of shadows for the beads and the papers: excellent choice.

Keep them coming. You still have until Monday to post at least 4 projects to be entered in the draw. There will also be a surprise for the winner of the first prize. However, I am not allowed to divulge it yet.