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Susan Ewart
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Day 9 Project 4.  This time no problems. The error I’m getting that wont let me save my layout is when i used the selection tool to create a box to journal in.  It has happened twice in a row…good thing I’m not a journal-er.  Apparently PSP thinks so to, it wont save it🤣.    It has to be the user (me!) not PSP.  Although, now every time I go to save a project I feel a little tension.

Papers and elements (paint splash, tea cup stains & stamped clock) from Digital Scrapbook.  “Tea” font is Leisha Script, “Time” font is Diplomata SC and I stretched it a bit upwards, both from Creative Fabrica or Google.  The stamped clock in the background I faded with lowering the opacity and using the eraser tool with different grunge textures to fade it out more.  Lined up the “e” in Tea to also serve as a dot for the “I” .  It’s so relieving when nothing goes wrong (except the normal learning curve stuff that I expect to have).

This bootcamp is going very fast.

Edit: here’s the one with the shadows.  My PSP file and the large JPG had the shadow, not sure why the resized one didnt.


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