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Susan Ewart
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Yes I did forget the shadow, but it’s flattened so I cant add it now.  I had this one saved to this point before having the problem that I did add the shadow to.  I found out where it wont save from.  when I make a selection to put the text inside the selection. Once I add the text inside and click the apply button then deselect the selection and try to save that’s when i get the error message that it cant save it.  If I undo to this point ( shown below) it will save the layout in PSP image format without errors.  I must be doing something wrong.  at least I can use this one below and try and save as a psd.  I didnt know I could do that.

I just tried the psd and it worked!  it did lose one of the raster layers ( the top left flower, but kept the raster shadow for it, that’s funny).  That’s minor compared to losing a whole layout without layers.  I added the journaling in the same way with the selection tool and no problems saving as PSD.  I dont know why PSP doesnt want to do that.  It’s done it before with no problems. So it must be something I’m doing.

TIFF was flattened, no layers😥

I just looked at the last one this happened to (Lab 5-11 layout) and it also had journaling where I used the selection tool to make the “box” for the journaling to be in.

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