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Harmony (#79583), good catch on the shadow! As you will see, over time, you will catch those details more and more.

Karen (#79587), I am glad you are learning tips and tricks. PSP is such a treasure chest that one can discover over a long period of time. I see you resized the images correctly without distortion. That is a common mistake with that project.

Jannette (#79600), those are precious photos. What a nice story to tell.

Ann (#79612), such a fun story to tell with those pictures. Good use of the shadows.

Susan (#79621), that is funny! I never knew that the calves would have their name on their tag. I thought it was only numbers.

Donna (#79628), as for terminology, if you downloaded a PSD file, that would be a template, and not a quick-page. Typically, quick-pages are in png format with holes for the photos. Nothing can be moved in a quick-page (and we will have a workshop on that in August!). Lining up the photos in this project is all about using a technique that can surely be used in various projects. Good job.

Allen (#79632), that is such a good idea to reuse the same photo in black and white on each side! I would suggest adding shadows to the photos and the blue mat behind them. It would add some consistency with the rest of the page.

Gerry (#79637), I assume, from your comment, that those are already “old” photos?

Susan E. (#79639), when you save in TIFF format, does it keep the layers? I suspect that as long as it is not closed, the image might retain all the layers, but if you try to re-open it later, it should be flattened. If it ever happens, try to save in PSD format, since that format will retain layers, even if you close the image/program. I am not sure if vectors would be retained though. – WWCD (What Would Carole Do?) 🙂 Check the pink paper at the bottom. I think you either forgot the shadow OR have the layer hidden.