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Sue Thomas
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This morning I downloaded one of the daily gifts from Creative Fabrica, the flowers laced envelope. I thought to myself I can use this to create a tag this evening. I then got playing with it, and created several elements to be used at a later date. Many of you will be like myself, becoming overwhelmed by the volume of content in CF. A great deal isn’t what I would ever use, or would I! Before you dismiss anything you see, take a longer look. It will pay off. I often download stuff, and modify it to suit my needs, like this envelop. I created a mask out of it. Here are two that I did. For the tag flowers, I filled them with yellow using the magic wand to match the flower photo I took yesterday. The flower petals even match the petal style in the photo. There are always so many possibilities.

I even managed to get a solitary wasp in the shot 🙂