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Suzy (#79500), as Ann has mentioned, vector layers will have that little arrow on the left so you can see the individual “objects” inside the layer. In your case, you have a right pane in your Layers palette that is kind of blocking the view of information. On the left pane, if it was wider, you would see more information. Notice that you can scroll to the right to see all the content of the pane. For papers that don’t go well together, have you been using some from the same kit? Typically, if they come from the same kit, they would use the exact same palette so they SHOULD coordinate. (#79515) Are you finally happy with the paper arrangement?

Kasany (#79502), you might want to look into adding shadows to your projects to simulate the thickness that papers would have. Same thing with the blue dots: the bevel on them suggests some thickness, but then, we would also expect matching shadows.

Ann (#79506), it is interesting to see a map as a background paper, but it is totally fitting for the project!

Hank (#79511), did you extract all those birds from a photo?

Susan (#79520), that project looks really mysterious!!! Good job on the shadows. It is harder to add shadows on dark papers. You nailed it.

Karen (#79524), good job on those shadows. I have one question: the three flowers with the bow on the top right, are they one single element? I suspect it is, and that would explain why the flowers don’t have their own, individual shadows cast on the ribbon.