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Karen (#79316), happy anniversary!!! What a great way to celebrate. You used the shadows very well on your page.

Hank (#79324), welcome back! Did you add shadows on both sides of the frame? It looks like the shadow on the left is a bit of an intruder as all the other shadows are on the right side. (#79332) I guess you have a layout inside a layout! 🙂

Kasany (#79325), what a fun teddy bear. Your shadows are good on the confetti and the red flower but I think they are missing on the photo and the larger flower. I would suggest that you might want to tweak your title so it would not overlap the flower. Considering the thickness of the flower (if it were real), you would not be able to put text on top, right?

Jannette (#79379), good one. Simple but effective layering.

Susan (#79402), really a fun page with the “Fun cousins”. Your shadows and layering are good! Keep it up. (#79407) Great page. One suggestion I would offer (and this is NOT an error on your part) is to mirror the clip on top of the photo. It looks like the designer might have put the “shaded” area on the left instead of on the right (which would be consistent with the other shadows). This might have been a designer’s error 🙂

Anne (#79410), beautiful page. I think two stars in the center are missing their shadow.

Harmony (#79427), you really look like you are in a precarious position! The page is beautiful and the shadowing is on point! Keep it up.

Gerry (#79449), such a fun way to display those old photos!

Pirkko (#79475), simple but delicate page. Well done with the shadows.

Allen (#79479) those cuties make me smile. You might want to consider adding a shadow on the flower and on the fence.

Keep those pages coming. And remember that it is never too late to post your projects.