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Suzy (#79166), what book of the Dummies series is that? You manage well to complete the project if you didn’t watch the whole lesson!

Pirkko (#79169) great page. Although it was not mentioned to use a photo as a background, but it does work very well!

Donna (#79173), I see that you got some answers from Susan. For anyone else looking for a way to change the color of some frames or wordart, HERE is a tutorial for it.

Harmony (#79192) I had never heard of BR22. Something else we learn in this forum 🙂

Ann (#79196) “not for human consumption” made me smile!

Sharla (#79214), simple yet effective. And your use of the shadows is all perfect.

Allen (#79250), such cuties. I think you could give your project even more volume by adding some drop shadows.

Lisa (#79253) I love that photo showcasing your dog. Just a suggestion for “realism”: it might be interesting to have the seashell on top of the photo instead of one corner of the photo on top of it.

Susan (#79261) you used the shadows very creatively and correctly to give that thickness effect. To answer your question, when you fill the layer, make sure that the “Use all layers” is not checked.

Tomorrow, you will get another lesson for another project. If you have not submitted your Project 1, don’t worry, you can still submit it later. And if you are stuck, just ask. We have veteran members ready to help if I am not around.