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Susan Ewart
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Day 3 Project 1 in the bag…or the t-cup in this case.  Papers from Digital Scrapbook, dandelion line art from Creative Fabrica (changed color by locking the transparency), font is Curlz not sure if that’s a windows one or not.  Photo is mine and I extracted the t-cup and added a white border.  I used a thicker shadow on this as the white border looks like part of the saucer, so I added the shadow as if it was a thicker element.

Carole, when I first extracted (t-cup was shot on white background for this purpose) the t-cup image, I used a selection set to circle.  then I cut and pasted to my blank canvas.  when I went to flood filled the canvas’ bottom layer it left the t-cup impression transparent. the t-cup layer was just above that layer.  Is it because the image itself is a background layer and I should have first promoted the background layer.  I think I did something like that trying to figure out why I couldn’t flood fill that whole layer.  But in clicking (and undoing) many buttons I don’t know how I did it.