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Suzy (#79067), you don’t need a saucer under your cup? How did you upload the image? If you use the Upload Image button at the bottom, it should post a smaller version of the image in the post, which can be enlarged by clicking on it. It seems like you might have embedded it instead?

Ann (#79070), I think we have solved the issue, correct? (#79095) Good work now.

Jannette (#79072), yes, that drag and drop is often new to PSP users! I see you used a small plate. I guess it is just a snack? 🙂 (#79099) I suspect that you added a shadow with no horizontal offset or with a large blur as it appears on both sides of the papers. Can you check that? Having a shadow on the bottom-right only will give more of a 3D effect to the page.

Kasany (#79090) an open sandwich is always a good option!

Susan (#79112) it looks like you are getting ready to make sandwiches for everybody! That was a lot of layers to practice with!

Sharla (#79114), welcome back. It looks like you are having a salad with bread on the side. Why not?

Andrew (#79119), creativity will come when you get comfortable with the program and all the tools. Then, you won’t have to think about the techniques and the commands all the time. That is a great photo and you really show a nice 3D effect with the shadows on the papers. I think you might have forgotten it on the photo. Is that possible?

Harmony (#79149), is that swiss cheese that you added? You have nice tableware! I hope it is a set of 12 at least so you can get company. (#79163) This is a beautiful layout. Out of curiosity, what does BR22 stand for? I assume it is a TV show?

Gerry (#79162), that is a beautiful paper! May I ask where you got that?

If you have not posted your first project yet, don’t worry. You will have time tomorrow as the next project won’t be until Friday only.