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Rene Marker
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I never had a Cricut but had a CraftRobo (around 2007/2008) which was a Silhouette type cutter. It used software and a computer to do the cuts so unless you had a laptop, it wasn’t as portable. Many of my scrapbooking friends then started with the Cricut after having the other because of the portability. However, they had to buy cartridges which eventually got to be too much if going to a retreat. Many times the Cricut users would coordinate as to who would bring what cartridges to a retreat so one person didn’t have to take everything they had. Those that have stuck with the Cricuts do like the newer models since things have evolved as to how the designs are made available to the users.

But what I really wanted to say was that those paper scrappers would not let any of the “wasted” papers go to waste. Those scraps were quite useful. I used them with small punches (think small pawprints which I used a lot on my dog pages). I also made lots of small square pieces that I used as design elements. Many of my friends were even more frugal with them than I was! I did traditional scrapping and dabbled in digital scrapping for about a year. I still have some traditional supplies because there are times that I have the urge to work with paper. I also had some projects that were better being done with paper.

I still have my CraftRobo and can use it with Silhouette software and my computer if I want to make something.