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Allen (#79001), welcome to the Bootcamp and the Campus. Lucky forward to seeing more of those cuties.

Karen (#79006), it will definitely be simpler if you use PSP on the same computer as the one you post in the forum! For the file extension, you need to use a jpg image. Maybe you were trying to post a .pspimage file? (#79053) Gremlins are usually in MY computer! I didn’t expect to share them with the members 🙂 (#79063) Speed is not necessary yet. You will see that it will go faster as you get more comfortable with the program.

Suzy (#79007), check out this post about using the “old ways”. Here is another blog post about my 10 favorite shortcuts.

Susan E. (#79013), you can read about taking screenshots with PSP in this article. Although you can also use the PrntScrn from your keyboard and then paste as a new image in your PSP.

Ann (#79017), glad you figured it out for the screenshot. (#79055) Was that whole wheat bread?

Christiane (#79019), welcome back. Practice is always useful!

Lisa (#79033), glad to hear you learned something already in the first lesson. There is a lot more to come 🙂 Nice tablecloth for your lunch/dinner!

Donna (#79046), that tablecloth reminds me of the vinyl “cloth” used for outdoor picnics!

Andrew (#79047), to add a tablecloth is just adding another layer. I see you managed to add a background successfully. You must be very hungry with three slices of bread!

Susan (#79050), glad you got the correct condiment in your sandwich. I hope you come back for another one!

Gerry (#79065), it would not have been a problem to have a big bologna sandwich: it is zero-calorie afterall!