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Susan Ewart
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Here is my workspace.  I like it dark and have the organizer and learning centre palettes closed to give me more space to work.  This is a windows snipping tool shot.  I’ve still yet to figure out how to do a screen shot with PSP.  It’s not high on the priority list.  Now I must get my photo’s organized.  It’s some flower shots but mother nature has been conspiring against me.  I am shooting this project with diffuse light from overcast skies and the when the perfect time comes I am either heading to work or I get all set up and then there is a thunder/rain storm.  I finally had to take it inside to my studio and shoot some of it with continuous light.  Nice to see the familiar faces and welcome to the new faces.   I’m sure I will learn lots from all of you.  this is my 6th time through the bootcamp. I really love doing it and like Gerry, I keep learning new things and am inspired by all the layouts I see.