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Karen Borgmann
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Hello everyone.  Sorry I’m a little late to this party!  It’s been a long time since I played with my PSP 2018 edition and I’m a little rusty.  I’m answering my email off my tablet but my PSP program is on my computer.  Guess I’ll have to switch to using my computer to participate in this bootcamp.  🤞🏻I’m hoping once I get back in the PSP groove it’ll all come back to me.  Time will tell!  I’m looking forward to meeting you all.  Now, I will attempt to upload my photo. 😅

oh, I decided to stick with my dark gray workspace and will use the materials, layers and tools pallets.  I also like to work out of the organizer.  (Geez,  it almost sounds like I know what I’m doing 🤭!).

rats….the photo won’t go.  I get a file extension error message—-needs to be resized?  I’ll try again  using the computer, tomorrow.