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Welcome everyone to our July Bootcamp. For all the newcomers, you will notice that I will add a comment on all your posts. Since I do see all the posts as they are added to the thread, if you run into any problem, just call me out and I will come to your rescue as soon as I can 🙂

Susan E. (#78924), welcome back to the Bootcamp.

Jannette (#78930), welcome to the Bootcamp. (#78955) I don’t know if it would help you, but we have a few members who are usually setting up their PSP in their own language, but they find it easier to switch it to English to follow tutorials. Do you have English installed, just in case?

Suzy (#78932), glad to see you in the Bootcamp. At least, through the monitor, you can spread that COVID! Take care of yourself anyways. (#78951) Interesting that you don’t like to see all the colors. I am the opposite: I like to have all the colors available! But that is the beauty of customizing one’s PSP to what suits you.

Ann S. (#78937), I guess repetition is good practice. How many times have you gone through this Bootcamp? (#78962) It is so much fun seeing Magic grow up, from one layout to another.

Marie (#78960), welcome! If you get stuck, don’t hesitate to drop me an email. I will do everything possible to help you. The reason I recommend using the Complete workspace is that some commands are NOT present in the Essential workspace, and it would prevent you from following some tutorials.

Anne B. (#78966), yay!!! you made it!!! Welcome!

Kasany (#78967), is it ok for me to call you like that instead of the whole displayed name? I am sure you will be the only one!

Andrew (#78970), you will have avid fans if you showcase this happy dog!!!

Susan (#78986), looking forward to seeing more of those cute faces!

Donna (#78988), happy to see you have already customized a toolbar. That is something I won’t cover in this beginner bootcamp, but definitely another way to customize your workspace.

Gerry (#78993), you are definitely not the first one to mention how little tidbits of information seem new every time one goes through the same tutorials. Looking forward to what you will learn this time around.

Harmony (#78997), welcome to the Bootcamp. You will see how much more there is to PSP than what we typically use. It is a real treasure chest!