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update from me…..

If you are on the fence to get the scrapbook Campus Diamond membership, you should do it! We had a really great Q&A session last night where we could ask Carole any questions we had in general or specifically about PSP.  Questions could be asked beforehand or at the session, so really, how accommodating is that?  The features or how to use them or even *why* you’d want to use them! Or how to do a certain thing, like blur to show motion or make something bigger. A lot I had never heard of, so I’m glad other people asked the questions! Layer styles? Never heard of them! Never even saw the icon!

I finally got my newsletter done. It’s not very good primarily because NO ONE did his or her job on writing articles and getting important information like dates or future society plans to me in a timely fashion, though I did get five articles 2 and 3 weeks late.  To give you an idea of how bad it was, Scrapbook Campus’s <b>Ann</b> Seber did more than most our members and gave me enough for an article on Merlin, the bird app!!

When that happens, the lack of support, it does not motivate me to go the extra mile to make the newsletter look good.    <b>Sue</b> Thomas, I didn’t use the photo with the people and the masks you helped me with. I got COVID right when I was changing the bg color to primrose.  When I came back to life, I liked it ok, and had it in there, but the took the article out at the last minute in favor of a late-arriving article.

Here’s a link  Everybody: Do NOT feel you need to comment on it or even look at it. It has no bells or whistles, and isn’t even that interesting, though I will say it is head and shoulders above any other Daffodil Society Newsletters in the US.

Now I’m doing Scrapbook Bootcamp BECAUSE I AM USING MY NEW PSP2022 instead of PSP X2!  This is big news!  Carole helped me find some scripts (on <u>MY</u> COMPUTER!!!) that I can’t live without and helped me get them bound; I think that’s always what was holding me back.  I need the bootcamp for two reasons – one to reset all my file association configurations so I can double click in Windows Explorer and it opens up in PSP 2022 for .jog, .png, all the file extensions. There always seem to be one or two I forget!   Also, because a few things are very, very different in this version. Cropping for one thing. I just have to get used to the weird icons – red lipstick icon being the eraser and red microphone being another. Tubes, I think.  And the barfing paint can being flood fill. :).

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