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Susan Ewart
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I tried saving it to another folder as well.  It happened once before.  What I dont get is the whole point of the auto-preserve.  it often lags the computer down as it does it’s auto save every 15 minutes.  yet when I went to the folder the only one it had was was the night before when i first started the layout.  I’m going to turn that “feature” off and auto-save on my own as I do a certain amount of work.  I think PSP got stuck because sometimes I’m clicking on something and it doesnt respond and I click again and still no response, then I see the green bar at the bottom and I see that’s why.  I even tried do an unexpected shut down to see if it would clear the mistake while still opening the last open file.  It opened it but still the same error.  I did get a JPG so I’ll have to re-create it.  Maybe I’ll even make it better.  hahaha, wishful thinking.