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Susan Ewart
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Wow! Dawn!  I’m blown away at your postings.  They are incredibly beautiful.

Here is my layout for lab 5-10.  Does it look like I got a kindergartener to color the crayon edges?  Of course, a kindergartener would do much better. 😂 I’m a lefty who uses a mouse right handed.  It was a challenge.  I shouldn’t be surprised, in the physical world I can’t color or sew. A tablet would work best for this type of work.

Even though it’s not my best work, I am happy that I’ve learned new techniques which makes this work as important to my growth as work I’ve done that I like.

Tutorials learned:

  • Stitching (very cool, loved learning about the presets too!)
  • Random picture tube (Even more cool)
  • Crayon Edge (interesting, loved the sample. mine? not so much, hahaha)