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i forgot to mention on earlier 2 cards i used Cassels torn edge script….. here a 2 more i have made  with a stencil background … the rose card .. for the background stencil i used a brush  … Cassels corner brushes.. PSP rose tube .. leaves from a kit purchased a few years ago.  Robin card… the bird  i painted a few years ago when learning to paint in oils..  as i can’t draw i was thankful there was a tracing in the book i purchased called painting songbirds.  the stencil pattern  i created was using a rose corner brush and the label frame is a PS shape converted into PSP using levifiction script. Carole has a Blog post about the script called Using Photoshop shapes in PSP.  I have been very happy with  the end result on my cards as i use a matte photo paper with a weight of 250gsm  to print on.