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Sue Thomas
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Yes!  Birds do have friends.  In the split photo frame, is the same bird, where  I blended  two photographs together using a mask.  Metallic text (friend).  Out of bounds. A wood frame I made using colours from the block of wood. Frame for the text is  a font called  frame creator.   The Robins have  also been enjoying the homemade blueberry jam,  feeding it to their young.  Now I have   fledgling Robins coming to the  dining table  to tuck into the jam.  I took these photos early last week.  Earlier this evening I took shots of the  Robins at the  table, including  a fledgling.  Which means I will be doing  a page of Robins.

I see that everyone  has been busy, while I’ve been away for 4  fun days in the saddle.  I spent most of  today cleaning tack, mucked out the horse box,  washed, cleaned  and  put everything away that I took to sleep under the stars.