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Hi, everybody, just getting over a case of COVID.  Have been reading messages from my email, not the forum per se, but this one topic of New Pose is perplexing.  The New Pose font file was 252kb instead of a normal size, which is around 30kb. I could see it being double, maybe 55-60kb because it’s a “hollow filled” style font.  What else is packed into the zip file? Anything?

new topic: filed under things that make you go, hmmmmm?!
you guys probably all know this story, but since we were talking about fonts…..
Google has something like 1400 free professional fonts. These are especially good for reading the web, making them excellent for creating websites.  Turns out, it also makes an excellent way for Google to follow your every move online.  (Germany has brought a suit against Germany on this.)

“Of course, that means that Google’s servers get a visit from your browser, and thus Google unavoidably gets your IP number (or an IP number provided by your ISP or VPN provider, which loosely amounts to the same thing).”