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Sue Thomas
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Blimey, I’m on the ball!!!! 🙂     It’s hardly a scrap page, but I had already put my mind to creating  a magazine cover.  It started to rain late afternoon, so I thought I would get creative.  The rain is very welcome, as we  get very little of it.  If you would like to  a larger version, check out the FB page.   I  used the flower fly, which is a wasp mimic on the flower to do the out of bounds, and the butterfly and the ladybird lava to create the selective  colouring.  I see in the layout that the slipped in photo technique was used, its a technique I like and use on occasion, although it’s not really meant to be used in a  magazine cover.  I can always change it at a later date.  I will be  doing inside pages, using photos, and giving more details about the insects that  I will showcasing,  including these  beautiful living gems.