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Thanks to Cristina too, I’m not yet a diamond member, just don’t have time enough for all these offers (due to my jobs) and I regret it very much. Not working regularly with PSP makes you forget a lot. Sometimes I look back to projects I made and wonder how did I do that…. LOL

Congratulations to Sue and Lynda again!!! So cool!

Interesting to see the inspiration to play with the cylinder, after I posted my issue 🙂
Corrie, you had a clever idea turning the shape into “bloemenvaasjes”, thumbs up for your result!

I followed originally what was written in the blog and then tried again, following the steps Sue wrote me. Same result as before. It gave me no peace and I had to try it again today just before going to work 🙂
I had the sudden idea what the error could have been. And yes indeed, I created a vector shape instead of just using the selection tool, that made the difference. How silly…

The wonderful thing: lovely, helping hands and new creations!!