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Hi all – your work looks just great, and Susan is right — they are all so different!

I did one and I hate it. I’ll look now, and if it’s already sized, I’ll post it, but if it’s not I’m going to let it slide. Just know that #1, I know how to do this, and #2, I usually dislike the end result primarily because it seems like kiddy stuff and my kids are all grown up.

A shout out to @SherieDracup for the virus (ramsomware) warning on New Pose. This means the loverly New Pose is not yet mine! :((  I did join the Creative Fabrica site (after paying for Hitachi on sale last week, durn it!). Is everybody on here a member?  That’s where I bought Sue’s Hitachi font last week!  I notice the top 3 pages of any search are filled with treasure and the remaining 2000 pages of hits are mostly trash. Do they get a lot of new content in daily?  Are there any fonts on there that you especially recommend?  I went on to get New Pose, and got waylaid by some of the patterns. Then on to a cat painting that looked just like my daughter’s cat!  Sorry didn’t mean to get so far off track — but f there is anything you think I should definitely have, please post or PM me!!!

And another shout out to Ann – if that photo is you as a baby with your dad, consider yourself very lucky to have the photo!

I had resized it for posting….here are three- yellow overlay,. white overlay, black overlay. None of them shout ,”Yay! a Summer Picnic” to me.