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Sue Thomas
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Suzzy, I don’t quite  know how to respond to your comment, LOL other than, early mornings are the best part of the day,  especially when woken  to  a dawn chorus.  As for insects I have always found them fascinating.  I observe, document, and photograph  their very complex lives.  Purely for my own pleasure. I also enjoy the night sky, observing the constellations, shooting the moon phases.

Pirkko, I use my photos in greeting cards, and calendars, which I email, or print off for family and friends, and like minded people, that  have the same interest in insects, and birds.  I have always had a passion for everything nature.

Susan, thank you so much.  Using  the blend mode doesn’t really work, even though I said that I blend photos together to make one image.  The best way is to create a mask, and yes, it is important  to retain the original size of the photos. Also taking perspective into account I find it works  best, when the background has a lot of depth  of field.  Like in this image. It is also important to take into account the shadowing, it won’t work well  if you have  the light source coming  from  more than 1 direction.  In this image, I used 2 photos of the same same bird, luckily the bird turned around, and I could  blend the two photos together.  I’m always pleased when the viewer is unable to detect the merge.  It really isn’t that difficult once you have  learnt how to use  masks.  I have said it before, when posting images like this, two photos, same bird, one image, that’s the magic of PSP.