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Sue Thomas
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Prikko, very nice page.

My day started at the crack of dawn.  I managed to get 2 hours of kayaking in before 8am.  By which time the sun  was ideally high enough to  go in search of insects to shoot.  Here are  2 that graced me with their  presence.  It’s fantastic to see such beautiful familiar faces again.  I created a mask to blend 3 photos together. Seeing as the photos were taken with the sun behind me, and all three insects were on  the Purple Milk Vetch plants, they blended pretty well. It’s always a bonus to shoot native insects on native plants. In case you are wondering where the third insect is, it’s in the middle at the  bottom.  A newly emerged Lacewing.  The wasp is 8-10mm, and the beetle is slightly smaller.  The velvety grey blister beetle is my favourite blister beetle. It really  does have the most velvety feel to the touch.  For the tag, I did something a little different  to the tag text, but it’s still multi coloured. Again, due to resizing, the page is  degraded.