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Susan Ewart
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Mary those Instant Effects are very cool.  I would like to learn that too.  I have joined you and Colin, and started today with the Labs.  I think they are going to teach me a ton.  And If I cant have a ton of money, then I’ll gladly take a ton of knowledge any day.

I started at the start, with Lab 5-9.  Where I learned the following:

1) how to make multicolored dots for background paper.  I learned about the Brush Variance Pallet and used Color Blend I think at 70%, then used a blend mode (“Burn” at 63% opacity) on the dots once they were on the background I chose for them.

2) Text Background Paper became my main subject.  I had wanted to put a photo on but didnt want to cover up the “I” part (“I love you”).

3)Making eyelets and eyelet ribbon was quite enjoyable and a good practice for me with the magic wand and getting a better idea about inverting selections.